Running Club


K-5 Students

Running Activities to Enhance Fitness

Fall and Spring


The Gibson Running Club is a 9 week program. It ends with the option of participating in the Turkey Trot in Marion on November 11th..  

Sponsored By: ??? Looking for sponsors, if you or your company would like to help sponsor the running club, contact Coach Murray – 558-1744.  We’ll put your company logo on the back of our t-shirts.  Thanks for your consideration.


Purpose:         Fight childhood obesity  
                        Teach lifelong healthy habits/ connect with the community
                        Learn proper running techniques
                        Encourage families to exercise together
                        Increase aerobic capacity
                        Build community in our school
                        Have fun while getting in shape together

Goal:               Complete a 4k- (2.49-mile) road race run/walk at the conclusion of the 9-week program.

Overview:  The learning to run club is a 9-week program in which participants must commit to exercise 3 times a week.    One of the 3 days for the students will be completed at school, (Monday mornings 7:50-8:35 a.m.) while the other 2 days must be completed on their own.  If family members wish to participate, they may complete all three days on their own.  Each week there is a new workout that gets progressively harder, as well as a new topic of discussion.  Guest speakers will be invited each week to talk about the new topic.  We will be taking attendance for the students on Monday mornings, and there will be a log chart that the students must have filled out by their parents to show they have completed the 2 days they are responsible for.  At the beginning of each week, log charts will be collected at the Monday morning workout. Upon completion of the 9-week program, students who meet the goal of 3 times per week will be awarded a running club t-shirt, **if we find sponsorship to fund the t-shirts**.  Along with the t-shirt, all members of the learning to run club will participate in a 4k –(2.49 mile) road race run/walk to celebrate the success of their hard work.


Photo of Gibson Runners at the Turkey Trot

Group Photo of Gibson Runners