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This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

All Gibson Message

March 23, 2020

Good Morning Gibson Families,

Today was to be our first day back after spring break and I am hoping that all are well.  I am sure that there are still many questions about what the upcoming days and weeks hold for us, but one thing I can be sure of is that together we will be even a stronger community than before!  I have been so impressed by the way that our staff and community have already come together to work on how to best support our students and families as well as the outreach from our community at large during this time. 

We will do our best to keep you informed of the updates that are coming to us each day but one of the best resources of information will be our District website.  You will find the updates as well as learning resources and activities for your children.   Many parents have reached out to your children’s teachers asking for them to provide you assignments.  Please know that we as educators have been provided guidelines for what we can and cannot provide to families in way of learning materials.  Below is an excerpt from that DE guidelines that explains why some of your requests may not be provided.

From the Department of Education:   

At this time, we cannot offer anything that would be construed as instruction or access to instruction to even one student. If we offer instruction or instructional guidance and support specific to the curriculum to one student, we must offer it to all (and which would include IEP support, paraprofessional support, etc). Providing additional work to improve a grade, providing worksheets that would be collected, reading that would be discussed virtually, etc. is not appropriate at this time.

Again, the District website includes many resources and learning activities that will be continued to be added throughout the next three weeks. 

I know that your routines at home will be greatly different these next three weeks, but I encourage you to develop one that works for you as this will be important in the days and weeks ahead. 

Starting today, there will be Grab and Go meals for all students.  Our site is Nixon Elementary from 10:30-1:00.  If you plan to go there, please be sure to follow the guidelines below.

For anyone picking up meals tomorrow at Nixon (10:30 am-1:00 pm), please follow these requests to help expedite the process and keep everyone healthy and safe as you pick up meals:

• Only park in the school parking lot or facing west on Pirie
• Follow traffic flow
• No turning left into the Nixon Circle off Pirie Dr.
• Right turn only out of Nixon Parking Lot
• If walking up, please stand at the placed cones to keep 6
feet of distance between each family
• If driving thru, please do not get out of your vehicle—we
will bring the food to you.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Goebel for clarification—

In closing, we as a Gibson staff want to stay connected to our families and kids, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.   Be safe, practice patience, and together we will be back together again soon! 


Denise Pape and the Entire Gibson Staff

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