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Motivate, Innovate, Integrate 2017 theme  




*If buying lunch here: letting the office know in the morning what
your parent orders will be is helpful to the cafeteria in preparation for the count.

*If bringing lunch in: please consider your choices and the other children at the
table. Other children can be made to feel quite sad when fast food, ice cream or
whole pizzas are brought to the lunch room. (Yes, the whole pizza happened!)

😊 Healthy food choices like Subway, etc are encouraged.


Viola Gibson Elementary

Building Administration: Denise Pape, Principal   

  Phone numbers
        Main Office    319-558-2920
        Attendance     319-558-2565   
        Counselor        319-558-1694
        FAX                    319-558-2667



Anti-Bullying and Harassment Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Harrassment and bullying of students and employees are against federal, state, and local policy, and are not tolerated by the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The District is committed to providing all students with a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect.

A student (or adult on student's behalf) who believes he/she has suffered harassment should report such matters to certified staff/administrators.  

To report an issue contact Denise Pape or Chris Nelson.


Students Hula Hooping on the playground.

Hula Hooping for Houston//

at Viola Gibson